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Japanese Cast iron items

Traditional cast iron since the 16th century (Nambu tekki ) is a sector that pays a lot to this region, not only through its sales throughout Japan but also globally. Already in the time of Edo, iron utensils, especially kettles and pots, made Morioka's reputation

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Japanese ceramics

The Japanese cuisine is known for its great refinement - Donburi bowls, sushi dishes, Arita ceramics, yunomi tea glasses, sake services and wooden chopsticks ...

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Traditional Japanese clothing

The Japanese kimono, haori, yukata or hakama are very well dressed and relaxed clothes for both men and women, Respecting authenticity.

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The japan touch '

Japanese culture is one of the most refined in the world, and the country, although ultra modern, has not turned its back on its beautiful traditions. The art of receiving, the floral arrangement, calligraphy, the ceramic arts, are still parts of Japanese society.

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Find all the spirit of Japan

Japan means Nihon or Nippon in Japanese, which means "place of origin of the sun", an expression often translated as "Pays du Soleil" Levant ".
Japanese traditions and customs, still very present in everyday life, are known through these zen and soothing gardens, cherry blossoms, traditional dolls In wood called kokeshi, the mysterious geishas, courtesans with porcelain complexion, the famous lucky cat Maneki Neko, the daruma, the tea ceremony, the refinement of the Kyoto cuisine of Kyoto etc ... We invite you to our shop To a trip through our exclusive selection of items found in the four corners of the archipelago.


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Un peu d'histoire

L' homme vit sur l'archipel Japonais depuis au moins 30 000 ans. Après des siècles obscures (période Yayoi). Ce sont, d'abord, les récits chinois et coréens qui font entrer le Japon, dans l'Histoire.

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La vie du Japon

Découvrez quelques infos et pratiques qui rythment la vie au quotidien de millions de japonais.

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La cuisine japonaise

La cuisine japonaise est saine et très variée, mais traditionnellement l'essentiel des plats sont à base de poissons et de fruits de mers accompagné de riz.

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Les arts japonais

Influencés par l'histoire et les réligions, voici quelques arts et coutumes développés sur l'archipel depuis plusieurs siècles

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