Japanese stationery

Discover a wide variety of stationery here: origami paper, pens and pencils, erasers ...

Japanese stationery 

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japanese washi papers - Origami

Discover our Japanese papers Yusen Washi designed by Taniguchi Kyoto Japan ideal for creative leisure: Scrapbooking and the art of folding Japanese Origami

Japanese pens

Add a Japanese touch to your office equipment with our elegant pens with rich, typically Japanese patterns.

Japanese erasers

Discover our selection of Japanese erasers, each more original than the other

Japanese office supplies

Add a Japanese touch to your desk with our selection of items straight from Japan

  • made in Japan

Cherry bark pencil holder, SHUNJYU

63,00 €
  • made in Japan

Small cherry bark pencil holder, SHUNJYU

60,00 €
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