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Since 2006, nipponboutique is an online shop specialized in the sale of objects and garments of high quality certified "made in Japan".

You will find in our shop kimonos, cast iron and ceramic teapots, bento box, lamps, screens and many other decorative items that will fit perfectly with your Japanese interior. To regain the Japanese aesthetic, fall for the bags and fashion accessories popular in Japan.

In our eyes, your satisfaction is paramount, that's why we assure you a delivery in 48h by colissimo as well as the guarantee satisfied or refunded. In addition, the company FAMD already has more than 20,000 parcels sent since its creation in 2006, so we have the experience of parcels and make sure that they are perfectly packaged to avoid any breakage during transport.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 02 50 06 18 40 for any question or request for additional information on a particular product.

Table art

Japanese crockery is more than just tableware in Japan. Fine and refined, it can sometimes be likened to real works of art. Japanese ceramics is a form of ancestral art and has above all an aesthetic utility. Our shop offers Japanese plates and ceramic bowls, of all sizes and colors, to offer you an elegant Japanese dish service. Of course, how can we talk about Japanese utensils without mentioning the famous Japanese chopsticks? You will find all kinds, ranging from simple wooden chopsticks to Japanese chopsticks and decorated with Japanese motifs. Finally, for all those who wish to avoid the office cafeteria or the fast-food lunch, our selection of bento boxes in stainless steel or traditional offers you the opportunity to eat healthy and balanced even outside of your home


Nearly one-third of the world's population feeds on chopsticks. They do not just serve to grab food. To cut, to pinch, to mix, to roll, to support, to drain, to separate, the realizable gestures are very varied.In Japanese gastronomy, washoku in Japanese - which was inscribed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO in 2013 - only hashi are used, even for soup. Washoku and hashi are inseparable.The hash are practically all made of wood or bamboo in Japan. In Southeast Asian countries where chopsticks are used, they can be found in metal, ivory or plastic.

Bento Box

A bento means a fast meal contained in a box. This small box, almost always compartmentalized, is simply used to present and take lunch for lunch, as well as children who do not always have school canteen that adults for a quick lunch break at their workplaces. The Japanese bentos are almost always homemade and are very inventive, to be as pleasing to the eyes as to the taste buds.Bento boxes are becoming increasingly popular outside Japan. Because of their rather small size, bento can prepare balanced meals, and control portions for those who monitor their line. In addition, there are very original bento shapes that change classic transparent boxes.The homemade boxes are usually surrounded by a furoshiki, a piece of cloth surrounding the box to thermally insulate and knotted above it, making it easier to wear.


Japanese interior design is above all a way of life. The key words of Japanese decoration are sobriety and minimalism. Although the decorative elements must remain simple and practical in their form, the Japanese decor knows how to agree a little fantasy at the level of the reasons. The most common and most stylized Japanese motifs are cherry blossoms, birds, fish or the trendy seigaiha motif which means "wave of the blue sea". Thus, you will find in our shop a selection of Japanese cushions, simple in their shape and original in their patterns.