Box ~ Daruma's wishes ~

Daruma box

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Box Daruma - Available in very limited quantities

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Data Sheet

Height10 cm
Width10 cm
Length21 cm
Product originmade in Japan


Box ~ Daruma's wishes ~

Available in very limited quantities

This box contains:

- 1 Daruma single storage box (red or white at random)

- 1 Daruma in papier mache of 5 cm (Red or white at random)

- 1 Daruma metal tea box (capacity: 100 gr) (red or white at random)

- 1 Daruma Gum (random color)

- 1 Manekineko ceramic figurine disguised as Daruma

- 1 Phone hook / Manekineko key ring (random color)

Products made in Japan

In this box you will find everything you need to make your wishes come true.

Daruma are dolls for making a wish. First you have to paint in black ink a first eye of the Daruma, thinking of your wish. You must then expose the Daruma in your house until the wish comes true

Highlighting Daruma at home is a way to remember your wish and thus realize it by focusing on it.

If the wish comes true, then draw the second pupil and write down how the wish was realized. This brings, beyond the superstitions, the advantage of providing a reflection on how to accomplish what is desired.

In addition to the Daruma Manekineko cats, also called lucky cats, will bring you luck and support in the fulfillment of your wishes.