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Japanese ceramic chopsticks holder carp, KOI, color choice

  • made in Japan


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Japanese ceramic chopsticks holder made in Japan

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Height1.8 cm
Width2.5 cm
Length5.2 cm
Product originmade in Japan


Japanese ceramic chopsticks holder made in Japan

A chopstick rest is similar to a knife holder or spoon rest, used to keep the chopsticks off the table and to prevent the chopsticks used from being contaminated and rolling. They come in different forms and are made from clay, wood, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain or precious stones like jade.
In East Asia, chopsticks are generally used during formal dinners. They are placed on the front left side of the dishes, with the chopsticks parallel to the edge of the table and the points to the left, or on the right side of the dishes, the chopsticks pointing forward.