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Japanese cast iron pan for grilling

  • made in Japan


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Japanese cast iron pan for grilling

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Data Sheet

Height6 cm
Diameter29 cm
CompositionCast Iron
Product originmade in Japan
Production regionGifu - Gifu prefecture


Japanese cast iron pan for grilling

Made in Japan

This cast iron grill is used for oriental barbecues. You can grill pieces of meat or poultry as part of Thai salads, Vietnamese or Korean dishes. The dome-shaped grill offers a large area for preparing meat strips and allows the juice to drain easily. The cast iron grill provides food with beautiful grilling marks.So just place it on an electric plate, fire or charcoal heat source and let the meat grill.Yakiniku (焼 き 肉 / 焼 肉, litt. "Grilled meat") is a Japanese method of cooking meat and vegetables over charcoal, gas or on a hot plate. The main ingredient is marinated beef, although other meats such as chicken or organ meats can be found. Yakiniku is also served with vegetables such as peppers, carrots, mushrooms, onions, kimchi, etc. Although unconventional, fish can also be served. During the first use please clean with water, then pour cooking oil and heat to remove the odor and create a film of fat on the object. Untreated cast iron is made from 100% iron, which means that it will rust if not treated properly. It is therefore important to lubricate it regularly.