white japanese nô mask goddess of mirth OKAME

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white japanese nô mask goddess of mirth OKAME

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mask nô white divinity of cheerfulness and good humor OKAME
Made in japan
Ame no Uzume no Mikoto (or simply Uzume), also called Okame or Otofuku, is the deity of Gaity and Good humor.
Uzume is notably known for having, by means of an erotic dance, helped the Gods to bring light back to earth by bringing Amaterasu (the Sun Goddess) out of the cave of Iwayado where she took refuge following 'quarrel with his brother Susanoo.
Its representation in Japanese art is that of an eternally smiling, chubby person, with a small mouth and a broad forehead decorated with two black spots on either side of the median. Her hair is gathered in two bands on the temples.